Tuesday, November 26, 2013

10.16.13 - Black Mare at the Slidebar

A few weeks back, a four-piece live version of Black Mare, featuring members of Ides Of Gemini, Black Math Horseman, and Marriages, made their first public appearance at the Slidebar in Fullerton. It was nothing short of delightful. Their second public appearance will be on December 16 2013 as support on VUM's December residency at the Echo. This show, as well other VUM residency dates (Dec. 23 with Death Valley Girls, for example), comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Also on the bill at the Slidebar show: an acoustic performance from Stephen "the Stovepipe" Brodsky of Cave-In notoriety (pictured below), Lightsystem and TS & the Past Haunts (not pictured). Watch video coverage at the bottom of the page.
Besides all of the above information, Black Mare/Ides Of Gemini and VUM have something else in common that is very interesting! Details coming soon!

Black Mare

Stephen Brodsky

Thanks to Matt Nielson for the excellent video!