Thursday, April 22, 2010

4.20.10 - Earth at the Echoplex

Was pretty bummed to miss Wolves In the Throne Room. Showed up just in time for the outro. I blame the Lakers. Earth, however, was great:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Grill Em All Truck - Metal Burgers!

Finally caught up with the Grill Em All burger truck. It was a dark and brootal night in Echo Park. Reign was bleeding from the skye. El Prado was packed full of shaggy tools (not you, Ross). It was Hamburger Time...

I went with the Samoa Joe (onions, pineapple, BBQ sauce). Fries with chipotle ketchup (smokey & spicy). Mine was the last order of the nite. Shot the shit for a few minutes with the burger wizards - main topics were drinking, skateboarding, and getting old. The boys were sharp enough to point out my Skeletonwitch shirt even tho there was only about a square inch of art showing. Good eye. Went into El Prado and elbowed some room next to my lady at the end of the bar. I shouldve taken a nice foodie shot of the burger, but i ate it instead, because I'm not a foodie. I am, however, a bitter crusty Restaurant Veteran as well as an Enthusiastic Burger Lover. So here's my lil review:
Patty - thick n juicy (ran down my arm a bit and made a mess, which is good), cooked to a nice medium rare-to-medium, which is the way everyone wants it but no one should ever order it. Bun (integral part of a Good Burger) - firm and spongy; not too much bun, not too little. Grilled pineapple (thick), grilled onions (thick), BBQ sauce, cheese. Awesome. A sweet and savory sensation. Fries were nice n crispy, just how i like em. Pair it up with a cold crisp Spaten Pils and i am a happy bastard. Heres a picture of the gracious staff. Pretty sure this truck already pulls a line down the street, but it's only gonna get longer, so get in there...

Note - Above is the largest group of words you will ever see on this blog.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

4.3.10 - Black Math Horseman and Lesbian at Mountain Bar

Black Math Horseman


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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

4.2.10 - Behold the Black Light - Green and Wood, MOAB & Red Octopus at 2 Headed Horse

Got a lil weird here. Started out shootin party/bands as per usual and ended up with covert candid crowd portraits. Didn't get model releases

I prefer not to use digital watermarks. all images copyright adamlmurray 2010. do not use without consent