Sunday, June 27, 2010

5.18.10 - Converge, Gaza, Coalesce at El Rey (bonus pic - Black Breath at Spaceland!)

A few technical setbacks have kept me out of the Photoshop for a lil while. Still been shooting, but no processing, and the memory cards are really piling up! Got a temp lab set up though, so I'm gettin' back in there.
This batch was shot a little over a month ago. Hit two venues on this night. Converge is incredible live. To say it's high energy would be a vast understatement. Jacob Bannon spends most of his time on the crowd. Drummer Ben Koller is a technical blast machine, seems to really enjoy himself as he laughs, winks and nods his way through the set while his arms are a total blur. Check City of Devils for a better description.
I missed openers Black Breath at the El Rey, but lucky for me I was able to jam it over to Silverlake right after Converge finished to catch their midnight set. Contrary to their usual aperture burners, Spaceland's lights were almost non-existent, and I only got one shot that I was happy with. It's okay though, they're playing again soon.
I'm gonna be playing a lot of catch-up, so check back often as there's lots more metal photos on the way!




Black Breath secret midnight set at Spaceland!