Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11.7.11 - Harassor, Hull, Bell Witch, AD at Mountain Bar

I am not much of a shutter dragger. I like the way the east coasters do it (<3Fred, Marble<3). On this night, however, it was mandatory as I had experienced flash transmitter failure early on (during AD) and Mountain Bar is always really dark, like one shitty amber bulb in the corner of the room. Anyway, there was another photographer there (in one of the pictures) with a good-size flash during Hull and Harassor, so I got in there and stole some of it! Most of those are 3 to 4 second exposures. Kinda weird to think that me and the other photographer have the exact same shots from different angles! I should've said hi. Thanks, other photographer :D


Bell Witch