Friday, November 26, 2010

10.24.10 - 1349 at the El Rey Theatre

Was very sad to have missed Triptykon this night, which is the main reason I went. It's okay though - I blame myself for taking the bus to the El Rey, which ended up taking over an hour. In the rain. I also blame I'm-not-sure-who for running the show unusually early and switching the headliners(???). No biggie - that's all in the past now. There will be a next time.
Anyway, hope you guys like these. Had kind of a tough time finding a shot of Frost (black metal heavyweight/the main reason 1349 is great/inhuman blast machine) as he was encrusted in an extra-large fortress of drums and cymbals. And I know we all think the robed bass guy is kind of silly, but I'll be darned if he isn't photogenic!!

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