Wednesday, June 1, 2011

7 Days of Plague Tour Photos: Day One - The Roxy, Los Angeles

Technically, this was Day Two of the tour, but since I didn't go to San Diego the day before, I'm calling it Day One. The bands on this tour were: Archons (didn't play L.A.), Lightning Swords of Death, Saviours, and Midnight. I think this tour was special for several reasons. It was tastily and tastefully curated as each band is excellent for very different reasons. Archons have the rad off-timed space sludge, LSOD gives us blasty black festering nastiness, Saviours serves weed n' whisky shredduce sandwiches, and just Midnight, period! Plenty more to come, keep your eyes peeled.

Lightning Swords of Death



Bonus Section:
Later that evening, Midnight made a brief (keyword "brief") appearance at The BLVD, playing a two-song, two minute set right before Nocturnal. They whipped the Boyle Heightsters into a froth and were done before the kids even realized what had happened.

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