Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9.10.11 - Toxic Holocaust, Holy Grail, Krum Bums at Black Caste

This was the last stop of these three bands' tour. I barely got a shot of Krum Bums as they were just finishing when I got there. Missed Bastard entirely, but they will be in a post very soon. The Black Castle in Inglewood is a dark and brutal place. The only light on the stage just covered a small portion in front (although Joelocaust put an extra one behind him). Crowd was super rowdy, big pit. All in all a great time!

Krum Bums 

Holy Grail

Toxic Holocaust


Manzig said...

Black Caste is the funniest typo evar sir ADAM

the tribal ranger said...

Ouch! That is a good one Manzig! I might have to leave it there for a while, let it marinate...