Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9.10.11 - Toxic Holocaust, Holy Grail, Krum Bums at Black Caste

This was the last stop of these three bands' tour. I barely got a shot of Krum Bums as they were just finishing when I got there. Missed Bastard entirely, but they will be in a post very soon. The Black Castle in Inglewood is a dark and brutal place. The only light on the stage just covered a small portion in front (although Joelocaust put an extra one behind him). Crowd was super rowdy, big pit. All in all a great time!

Krum Bums 

Holy Grail

Toxic Holocaust

Monday, September 19, 2011

9.18.11 - Gravehill, Lightning Swords Of Death, Destroyed In Seconds at Three Clubs

Got a little batch here to get myself back in the game! Gonna play some catch up with the ol' blog-O-sphere! More posts coming soon...
This was a nice evening. It was packed, and all the bands slayed. I missed Dystrophic, but they will be in another post very soon...

Destroyed In Seconds

Lightning Swords Of Death

then there was this kid Goth Vader, who resembled Elijah Wood if he had been cast in a Twilight movie, doing painfully awkward, poorly delivered, self-hating, racist, homophobic/sexual comedy emceeing between sets... here he is, eating a lump of heckled shit from the audience. Ouch!